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Let’s discuss the project you have in mind and set up a time to meet. Request a quote now.
Home Visit
We always love to meet our clients in person, introduce ourselves, and see first-hand what you’d like our help with. We can also brainstorm (if you’d like), gather initial information, pics, and measurements.
Initial Proposal
Let’s make sure we’re on the same page. Depending on the project, we like to start out with an initial ballpark estimate based on similar projects we’ve done in the past. We also send a general overview of the work being proposed. This allows us to make sure we fully understand your project and confirm that our numbers are in line with you.
If you so desire, now is a great time to explore our 0% financing option. To request financing, click 0% Financing, enter the $ amount you are considering for your project, and receive pre-approval.
It’s time to start digging in to some specifics. We’ll be in touch to discuss any material selections, product specs, room dimensions, etc. that may impact our final estimate and scheduling.
Meet Our Family
With a final scope of work and details in mind, we like to have the necessary folks that will be involved with your project see it as well. This may include our carpenters, electrician, plumber, painter, drywaller, etc., and again allows us a better opportunity for an accurate final estimate.
Final Numbers
Know where you stand. At this point we present you with a final estimate and verify the overall project. If you like what you see (and we sure hope you do), let’s get this project started!
When will we start? When will we be done? What should you expect each day? We’ll put together a project schedule and make sure it works for you. Once confirmed, we’ll make sure the necessary materials are ordered and available when we need them, as well as obtaining all necessary permits.
And away we go! Now the real fun begins, your dream becomes reality. At any time during your project, we’re available to discuss progress and any questions you may have – but we’ll likely be reaching out to you more than you are to us.
Final Walk-Through
Let’s make sure you are completely satisfied with what we’ve done. Once the project is complete and all inspections are performed, we’ll do a final walk-through with you.
We’re no disappearing act. We’ll be reaching out to you in approximately 30 days to say thank you, and to make sure you are still pleased with the project. Happy customers are what keep us growing!